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Skype for Business Exchange integration issues

Skype for Business Exchange integration issues


  1. Skype for Business username (sip uri) should match the primary SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)/Email address. 
  2. Autodiscover must be configured
  • To verify autodiscover is working properly you will need to perform a NSlookup of the autodiscover DNS record.
  • If a firewall or a proxy is blocking Skype for Business from connecting to EWS, you may experience symptoms such as repeated credential requests, stale Address Book Service (ABS), and intermittent Free/Busy presence issues.
    1. Start Internet Explorer.

    2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, click Connections, and then click LAN Settings.

    3. Make sure that the Automatically detect settings option is selected. If your organization requires you to enter specific information for the proxy server or an automatic configuration script, contact your network administrator.

    4. Restart both Internet Explorer and Skype for Business to check whether the problem is resolved. If the problem persists, go on to the next section.

  • If the NSlookup does return results, you should attempt to ping the server that the results provided. (Example: if the NSlookup returns with, you should try pinging If the autodiscover is working, the pings should return with replies.
  • If the NSlookup returns no results, then DNS records need to be added for Autodiscover.