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MS Skype - Adding Additional Domain

How to add a domain to Connect


  1. Customer must have existing Skype for Business service hosted by CallTower. 
  2. Customer must have access to the Registrant Email address for the second domain. Note: This can be checked at 
  3. Customer must be able to add DNS records for the second domain externally and internally (if applicable).

Connect Admin:

  1. Escalate ticket to Account Management to request a quote or approval to proceed with adding the domain.
  2. Once AM has confirmed to proceed, send the ticket to SfB Engineering for the Digicert and Skype Federation (if AM sends the ticket back to Support. Otherwise if AM sends the ticket to SfB Engineering themselves you do not need to send the ticket).
  3. Once Engineering has confirmed the Digicert has been added, add the domain to the OU in Connect by doing the following:
    1. Select the company
    2. Select Corporate Administration
    3. Select Email Domains
    4. Click Add and type in the domain name, check the Enabled box and click Save.
  4. Check to see if Skype Federation is enabled by going to Skype Administration.

Task Template: “Please add (insert second domain here) to the CT950 Digicert certificate. Please complete on MM/DD/YY” If applicable include the Skype Federation piece on this same task “Please setup Skype Federation for (insert second domain here)”

Note: ASE submits Digicert requests on Thursday of each week. Arrange a Thursday that the customer will be able to reply to the Digicert email request.

Provide the instructions to create the DNS records Skype_for_Business/Skype4B_Set_Up/How_to_verify_or_set_DNS_records_for_Skype_for_Business