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How to Run a VOIP Test and provide Support with the results

NOTE: This article is for archival purposes only. CallTower no longer provides the VOIP Test described below. There is no replacement service. 

How to Run a VOIP Test and provide Support with the results. 

Here you will learn how to run the VOIP test and share the results with Support, your IT, or your ISP. The stated purpose of this test is to run it at the time of call quality issues, or just to gage the VOIP Compatibility of your current network solution. 

Performing the VOIP Test Steps

To perform the VOIP Test do the following:

  1. Select the following link:
  2. Make sure the test is being run from a compatible browser. If you have issues attempt it from another browser.
  3. You may be asked to download Visualware BCS or update it. This is normal.
  4. Once the updates or installations are done the Voip test will be ready to begin. Click the "Click to start test" button.
  5. The test will complete and give you a full range of results. It may be required that you share these with your Network Professional or Internet Service Provider. 

To report the results to Support

  1. Look for the test results number found on the Voip Tab of the Voip test. 
  2. You may also click on the link and get a URL you can share. 


What's Next

  1. Send the results to
  2. As well as the related call example template(If you were having Quality issues):
  3. You may be instructed to contact your IT Network Professional or ISP with these results.
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