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Diagnosing a DID Issue


This article covers Issues with DID's


First you need to determine if the phone number is failing calls inbound or outbound. If the call is failing outbound, contact your support team. If the call is failing inbound, determine the severity.

  • Do all calls fail?
  • Do internal calls complete (Skype to Skype) but external calls fail (Cell Phone to Skype).
  • Is there an error message that is audible when calling the number (internal and/or external)?

Second, determine if the number has ever worked or is newly applied. Some numbers are ported from other carriers and have difficulties when initially setup. Carriers can be the cause of bad routing so it is important to determine what kind of calls do and do not work. 

These issues will rarely be resolved without contacting carrier support, but the initial information will be crucial to expediting their resolution.