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Microsoft - Yealink: Phone Sign-in


Provide instruction on how to Sign-in to a Yealink phone


Web Interface

To access the web interface you will need the IP address of the phone. 

  1. On the phone, select Menu > Status > General
  2. Enter the ip address into a web browser


  1. Enter the credentials. The default Username is admin and default password is 654. If provisioned on our server the Password is 654
  2. Once Signed in, select Account


  1. Enter the user name in the Login address and Register Name and the Password then select Sign In


  1. Once sign in completes the Login address, Register Name and Password and Sign In will gray out.


Via BToE

BToE requires the phone be connected to your computer via ethernet cable

  1. Download the Yealink BToE client from
  2. Open Yealink BToE Connector


  1. Select the Auto option and select Pair


  1. The Skype for Business client should prompt for credentials. The Sign-in address and User name should match. 


5. Once connected the Phone IP and the Auto field should gray out


6. The Yealink phone should appear as an audio device in Skype for Business > Options > Audio



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