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Enable/disable exchange integration on VVX phones

Enable/disable exchange integration on VVX phones

It is possible to turn exchange integration off using the VVX series phones. These settings should persist through firmware updates and power outages. A hard reset or factory reset will wipe these settings out. 

Note: This was performed on a VVX 500 touch screen, the options are the same for all VVX phones. 

Toggle exchange integration from the phone.

  1. Log in to the VVX phone. See Log in to Polycom VVX series phones
  2. Press the Home button

  1. Select Applications, this may be on the second screen.

4. Select Exchange

5. Turn exchange integration on or off from the drop down and select Set

  1. Press the Home button


  1. Select Settings.


  1. Select Advanced Settings

  1. Enter the password. This should be 654 for any phone connected to the provisioning server. For any phone that is not connected to the provisioning server 456 is default.

  1. Select Reboot phone.

11. Select Yes. The phone will now reboot.