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Call Park and Park For

To park a call for no one in particular like the telephone handset does, use one of the following methods.

Park: drag and drop from either My Conversations, or the HUD directly into the parking lot.  Use [CTRL *] to put the select call in the HUD in park.  Right click on a call in My Conversations and select Park Call.  Use the Park button in the call control section of the ribbon to put the selected call in the HUD into park.

Park For: To park a call for a particular use and have the BLOC Server alert them via Lync (Skype for Business), use the Park For function.  There are several methods available including, right click on a user in the Directory list and select Park For, or search until 1 user is visible and hit [CTRL F] on the keyboard.  If the user is running BLOC they will also get a notification popup.

Click on BLOC Park For to learn more about Park For.



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