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How To Create a User Account in Office 365

1. Sign in using Office 365 Admin credentials here
2. Click on Users and Active Users

3. Click on the + sign and you will see this screen pop up.

4. Fill out the information as see in the screen shot below.
    a. Match the username and display name with what is in the Admin Portal (Connect).
    b. Set the password to be the same as what you set in the  Admin Portal (Connect).
    c. Uncheck the box that states "Make this person change their password the next time they sign in.
    d. Fill in our email address in the field for "Email password to the following recipients" if you need to send to more than one email address use a semicolon to seperate the email addresses.
    e. Click Create

5. The next screen you will see is the Username, password, and license you have assigned, click Close.


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