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Unite For Teams - Quick Start Guide

Unite for Teams CallTower provides integration to a  wide range of different  CRM and Contact-orientated Business  Applications.  The integration provides a  range of set integration features from the list below. Up to four Add-ins can be concurrently configured.  Please note that Unite for Teams used the Microsoft Compliance Recording API.  Users can only have a single Compliance Recording policy assigned, so individual users can have either Unite for Teams or compliance recording enabled, but not both.

Caller Preview

Displays the caller's name in the Call Preview window when a match is found between the caller’s number and the contact information stored in an integrated application.

Contact Popping

Instantly open the caller’s contact record in the integrated application by clicking the application's icon in the Caller Preview window.

Adding a contact

Instantly add and edit a new contact record in the integrated application by clicking the New Contact button in the Address Book.

Contact Searching

Enables you to concurrently search all configured integrations and pop the contact record or click 
to dial from the results.

Activity Logging

Manually or Automatically create a history (Activity) log of a call received within the Business (CRM) Application/s and add notes.

To set up an integration, just select “(Add new)” from the Configuration page and select an Application and click Set. To get help setting up the integration, just click on the blue help circle.

Quick Guide PDF: 
CRM Integrations - Unite for MS Teams 2.pdf


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