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Solgari User - Overview


  1. Inbox: Where all communications from customers will be found, and you can respond from a voice call to a Facebook message or SMS
  2. Start Call: Once you have entered a phone number, select “Start Call”
  3. Contacts List: When you can access your contacts database, which could be Dynamics 365, MS Exchange, or any other database.
  4. Dial Pad: Select the dial pad, allowing you to enter a phone number with your mouse. You can also select the “enter phone number” and use the keyboard number pad.
  5. Status: Where you select your status, for example, Busy, Available, Unavailable. If you make or receive a call or message, your presence will automatically be set to Buys or On-a-Call.
  6. Click-to-Call: Select the phone number to make an outbound call.
  7. Click-to-text: Click on the “Send SMS” button to start an outbound SMS.
  8. Search Contact: Enter a name, number, or email address to find your customer to call or text.


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