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Microsoft Teams - Connecting a Yealink CPW65 Mic to a CP965

Connecting the Yealink CPW65 DECT Expansion Mic to the CP965 Conferencing Phone 



Provide instructions on how to connect the Yealink CPW65 DECT Expansion Mic to the CP965 Conferencing Phone. This document outlines the prerequisites, including the minimum device software version and where to download the firmware. It also provides step-by-step directions on how to pair the CPW65 to the conference phone and how to verify that the registration was successful. 




NOTE: Software must be installed manually via either Phone Web UI or Removable Storage. Teams Admin Center nor the Yealink automated installer can upgrade phones on to newer versions. 

  • Versions before DO NOT have the underlying code necessary to pair the wireless microphones to the conference phone. 
Pairing the CPW65 to Conference Phone 

1. On the Yealink CP965, tap "Settings" > "Wireless Mic" > "+"

2. Turn on the CPW65 Expansion Mic

    - The CPW65 enters registration mode automatically, out of the box. The mute LED indicator will flash yellow quickly. 

    - The CPW65 will register with the conference phone automatically. 

3. Registration is successful if the yellow LED turns off, and the CP965 conference phone screen displays the battery, work time, and standby time of the microphone. 

    NOTE: Please note you can only have up to two CPW65 units paired with a single CP965 


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