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MS Teams Poly Phones - Quick Guide For Trio System


Quick Tips for Poly Trio Systems with Microsoft Teams
3725-86628-002|A Software 5.9.3AA | April 2020
Supported in Shared mode for models: Poly Trio 8500, Poly Trio 8800, and Poly Trio C60.

Signing in and out

Sign in to your Microsoft account to use your phone

1 Select Sign In.
2 Enter your email and password.
3 Select Sign In.

Sign In Using a Web Browser

1 Select Sign In.
2 Select Sign in from another device.
3 In a web browser, enter the provided URL.
4 Enter the code.
5 Sign in to your Microsoft account.

Sign Out
1 Select Menu  > Settings > Sign out

Audio Calls

View recent and missed calls, redial contacts, place calls, and pick up parked calls (if enabled).

Call a Contact
1 Search for and select a contact.
2 Under the contact’s name, select Call .

Transfer a Call
1 In a call, select More Options .
2 Select Transfer .
The call is placed on hold.
3 Select Transfer now.
4 Search for and select a contact.
The call transfers to the selected contact.

Hold a Call
1 In a call, select More Options .
2 Select Put call on hold.

Park a Call
1 In a call, select More Options .
2 Select Park Call .

Pick Up a Parked Call
1 On the Calls screen, select Pick up parked call .
2 Enter the parked call code and select OK

Calendar and Meetings 

Calendar and Meetings
Join, schedule, and view information for Teams meetings from the Calendar screen.

Join a Meeting
» To the right of the meeting title, select Join.

Schedule a Meeting
1 Select Schedule Meeting .
2 Enter the meeting information.
3 To add participants, select Add participants.
4 Search for a contact, select the contact, and select Submit .
5 To schedule the meeting, select Submit .

View Meeting Details
» From the Calendar screen, select a meeting.
Meeting details include the date, time, your acceptance status, participants, and the meeting message.

Invite a Participant During a Meeting
1 In a meeting, select Add Participant next to the End Call button.
2 Search for and select a contact.
Your contact receives a request to join the meeting.

Presence Status

Set your Teams status and status message from your phone.

Change Your Presence Status
1 Select Menu 
2 Select your current status.
3 From the status list, choose a new status.

Set a Status Message
1 Select Menu .
2 Select Set status message .
3 Enter a message and select Submit .

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