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MS Teams - Setting Up Delegates


Provide instruction on how to share a phone line with a delegate


You can pick someone in Teams to be your delegate—to receive and make calls on your behalf. When you add a delegate, you’re essentially sharing your phone line with them, so they can see and share all of your calls.

Add a delegate

  1. Open the menu in Microsoft Teams by selecting ...Settings. Then select the Calls tab. 

  2. Under the Calls tab browse to the "Manage Delegates" option and select it


    Note: If you don't see any options for delegation in your settings, that's because you don't have an Enterprise Voice license.

  3. Type the person's name in the Add a delegate box.

  4. With the desired individual selected check the desired actions

  5. Your delegate receives a notification letting them know about their new status.

Now the person appears in your delegates list. They will also receive a notification letting them know you have added them as a delegate. You can review your delegates and the selected actions by going to the Manage Delegates section. 

  • Notes: 

    • Delegates can see when you’re on a call and who it’s with.

    • Any calls made or received by you or on your behalf can be put on hold or resumed by you or your delegates.

Make a call as a delegate

Once you've been added as a delegate, you can make calls on behalf of someone else.

  1. Go to or start a one-on-one chat with the person you want to call, or dial a number on your dial pad.

  2. Click Call.

    A delegate selects who they want to place a call as: themself, Babak Shammas, Hilary Reyes, or Reta Taylor

Note: Delegators can see the calls you make and receive on their behalf.

Delegator's view of delegate's calls

For more information, click on the link below:

Share a phone line with a delegate

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