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MS Teams - Merge Calls

In Teams, you can combine (or merge) calls in a couple of different ways.

Make a new call and merge it with an existing call

While you're on a call with another person (or a group call), you might decide you want to ask someone else a relevant question.

You can make another call while you're still on the first call. When the second call connects, you can merge it with your first call.

Note: The first call will automatically be put on hold when you make another call. Or you can go to the call controls and select More actions  > Hold to take this action before making another call.

When the second call connects, go to the call controls and select More actions > Call merge .


Merge an incoming call with an existing call

While you're on a call in Teams, you might receive a call from another person (or a group call) and decide you want to merge the new call with the call you're already on.

When you accept the new call, your other call will automatically be put on hold. Then you can choose to merge the new call with your first call.

Go to the call controls and select More actions Call merge.


  • Call merge feature is not available for boss and delegates

  • Call merge can also be used to add a user behind an IVR to a group call, make new 1-1 call to the IVR and use DTMF keypad to reach the target user, then use call merge to merge the new 1-1 call with existing 1-1 call or a group call.

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