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Microsoft O365 - License Changes

Increase or Decrease Office 365 Licenses 


Adjusting Licenses

  1. Login to CallTower Connect Admin
  2. Navigate to the customer from the customer list


3.      Click the magnifying glass on the left-hand side and type navigate to Office 365 Licenses


4.       You will see multiple licenses with columns

  • Total = The total number
  • Used = The number of assigned
  • Available = The number of available
  • CT Licenses = The number of licenses that CallTower provides
  • Ext Licenses = The number of licenses provided from somewhere else (another CSP or Microsoft)


5.      You can see a combination of both legacy licenses and or NCE licenses

YM = Yearly Monthly (NCE) - Billed yearly at a monthly rate

MM = Monthly Monthly (NCE) - Billed monthly at a monthly rate

AA = Yearly Yearly (NCE) - Billed yearly at a yearly rate

6.      To increase/decrease a license select the type, select additional/less, put in your quantity, and click the save button


7.     For Any licenses that you cannot make changes to via Connect, except for removing NCE licenses, send the case to NCE licenses cannot be decreased in quantity only increased. You will need to reach out to the Customer Success ( Team at CallTower for any new licenses that you are not currently being billed for. 



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