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MS O365 Admin - Install Office On Your PC


This article will help you install O365

Install Office for Windows

  1. From an internet browser on your PC, go to your Office 365 login page (generally
  2. Sign in using your Office 365 credentials
  3. From your portal home page locate the “Install Office” button towards the top of the portal. (Note: Your portal may not look the same as the image below)


 4. After you click the “Install Office” button, you will see a pop-up window with some additional instructions. Follow the instructions provided to complete the install of your Office 2016 package.

 download and run.png

 Note: For help setting up your Outlook on your Windows PC, click here. For help setting up Outlook on a Mac, click here.


Additional information

  • If you click "Other install options" or "Other installs" this will allow you to install the 64 bit version of office
  • 64 bit is only recommended if you use exceptionally large excel files over 2-3 GB in size. If this does not apply to you. Install the 32 bit version which has better add on compatibility.
  • Here is a handy dandy video if you would like to watch how to install office:

    office video.png

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