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MS Teams Admin - How To Add a Voicemail To a Teams AA

How to add a simple Voicemail to a Teams AA.


You will learn to add a Voicemail Box to a Teams AA/queue when selecting an Option. You will not need a user account or DID. You will require either an O365 Group or Distribution List.


Within the Teams AA/queue Select Voicemail from the drop down list.

Select either a Distribution List or an O365 Group. You can also select transcription here if you would like to. 

That's it! Easy!


Office 365 Groups are Voicemail enabled by default.

-Benefits are that it’s free and easy because it doesn't require a user account or DID.

-Drawbacks are that you cannot customize the Voicemail message. It’s very generic, and doesn’t even say the username of the group.

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