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MS Teams General Admin - Network Testing Companion

  1. Run PowerShell as Administrator.
  2. Run the following commands in powershell:
    1. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
    2. Install-Module -Name NetworkTestingCompanion
    3. Invoke-ToolCreateShortcuts
  3. Look for the Icon on the desktop and run it:


  1. Install run the install for the network testing component
    1. clipboard_ed5f36258983d1d234d00b6a1d4a7063e.png
  2. Set your parameters (1 for a quick test 20+ for more data):
    1. clipboard_ef4ac0f2e028c10899eaf75375009e4c8.png
  3. Run the Testing tool:
    1. clipboard_edcbbb9271926eab68c04f1bb65b5a0fa.png
  4. View the Results:
    1. clipboard_eef59ad3a4f1143fca1d7ec332ec716a6.png
  5. Click on The Report Icons to get a detailed report if there are errors:
    1. clipboard_e6b6d67512b03bc047dd7e323843848ae.png
    2. clipboard_ec95b1cf126c27713ea7230247a961b78.png
  6. Send the Results to Support at Calltower as needed.
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