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MS Teams General Admin - Licensing Descriptions

This guide provides an overview of Teams licensing for Direct Routing and Operator Connect and it's features. 


General Licensing:

The following licenses work in conjunction with an E1,E3, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, or Microsoft 365 Business Premium License.

This will allow you to have basic Teams set up with the following features.

·         Chat

·         Channels

·         Teams

·         Teams to Teams Calling

·         Teams Meetings

·         Voicemail


Users who wish to utilize voice calling and have a voicemail box will require one of the licenses above as well as a Microsoft 365 Teams Phone Standard license 

This will allow PSTN (or 10 Digit external) calling via Teams

Audio Conferencing refers to having a phone number that people can dial into to join a Teams meeting. Everyone with a basic Teams set up will be able to host and join a conference bridge. But only those with the Audio Conferencing license will have a dial in number.

An E5 license has all the previously stated features within this one license including Basic Teams, PSTN Calling, and Audio Conferencing.

Special Purpose phones:

Lobby Phones or Conference Room phones in most cases will use a “Microsoft Teams Shared Devices” license.

This is a unique license as it doesn’t require any additional licensing to function. However Common area phones DO NOT get the voicemail feature. If that is a requirement, then it would be suggested to license them like a normal Teams user.

It is also recommended to set Conference Rooms up as Resource Accounts, so they can Auto Accept Invitations from users wishing to book the conference room.


The Microsoft Teams Room Pro license is used when there is an Advanced Audio/Video capable Room System. It acts as an all in one for these types of rooms. It is recommended to use a resource account and this licensing in conjunction with a Resource mailbox in exchange.

It contains the following features:

·         Audio Conferencing (Including the dial-in number)

·         Intune

·         Voicemail box

The Microsoft Teams Room Basic license is used when only basic conferencing needs are required. If you need dial in / PSTN capabilities with your conferencing you can use this license in conjunciton with a Phone System license, or upgrade to the Pro version mentioned above.

Special Purpose Licensing:

The “Microsoft 365 Teams Phone Resource Account” (or Virtual User License) licenses are a no cost add on. They are used to Add Phone numbers to Auto Attendants and Call Queues.

Please contact your Calltower Representative for more information about Teams Licensing.