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MS Teams Direct Routing and Operator Connect - 911 and e911

Microsoft Teams and 911

All Teams numbers in the United States are initially provisioned for standard Emergency Services.  This means that when a caller uses MS Teams to call 911 the call will route the call to national Emergency Services call center.  The caller will need to provide address information to the emergency services operator.  There is no fee to the customer for this default 911 service.  Teams numbers outside the United States will not have access to their local Emergency services providers.

Microsoft Teams and e911

Enhanced 911 or e911 is defined by the enhanced routing of the 911 call.  The call is routed to the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).  The correct PSAP is determined by an extra step in provisioning which includes the a physical address for caller's DID.  By including the physical address, emergency responders are given the exact location of the emergency without needing to speak with caller.  e911 is provisioned in Connect at the DID level by enabling the Register With 911 switch. Provisioning the DID for e911 is an add-on service and a fee is applied to the customer per DID.


Please note the following:

  • MS Teams may not know the actual location of a caller making an Emergency Services call, which could result in the call being routed to the wrong Emergency service call center and/or emergency services being dispatched to the wrong location; Please see the dynamic configuration guide here: Dynamic Emergency calling for Operator Connect and Direct Routing - CallTower Solutions Center (
  • If the user's device has no power, is experiencing a power outage or, for any reason cannot otherwise connect to the Internet, the user cannot make an Emergency Service call.
  • Users should not make an Emergency Service call from a location outside of their originating location because the call likely will not be routed to appropriate call center, unless they have tested their Dynamic E911 configuration.
  • In certain situations MS Teams is not the recommended service for phones requiring constant access to 911 (factory floor, medical facilities, etc).  CallTower can provide a mix of services between MS Teams and CT Cloud Voice to allow a customer to strategically place emergency phones throughout a facility.