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MS Outlook - Add An RSS Feed

Set Outlook to pull in feeds when you subscribe to them


1. In Outlook, click File > Options > Advanced


2. Under RSS Feeds, make sure the Synchronize RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List (CFL) in Windows check box is selected.


3. Click OK, and then restart Outlook.


Now, your exisiting feeds and any new feeds will go straight to Outlook


Manually add an RSS feed to Outlook


1. In your web browser, copy the web address of the feed page from the address bar.


2. In Outlook, in the Mail Navigation Pane, right-click RSS Feeds (Outlook 2013) or RSS Subscriptions(Outlook 2016), and then click Add a New RSS Feed.



3. In the dialog box that appears, paste the address you copied earlier into the box, click Add, and click Yes.


Note: RSS feeds cannot be added into Outlook for Mac. This functionality has not been added

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