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Internal CallTower Connect - In-Use And Idle DIDs

In-Use DID

A DID in Connect is being used in some way, such as assigned to a user, device, or resource account.   

  • Status: Unavailable  

Idle DID

A DID in Connect that is not being used for or assigned to anything. 

  • Status: Available 

In Use SKUs

A new SKU of PF-02-01-InUse has been created to address the need for billing to categorize DIDs as “in-use” or “idle.”  More SKUs for all products with a voice platform will follow.   

  • Note: Please use the In-use SKU to quote a quantity of numbers the customer knows will be in use and the regular SKU of PF-02-01 for numbers that the customer knows will sit idle.  


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Licensing in Connect:



Questions: How do we reflect U.S. DIDs and other country DIDs (idle and inUse)?

Answer: Currently there is only SKU of PF-02-01-InUse for the DID SKU PF-02-01(this would be used to reflect ‘idle’ DIDs).  Other SKUs will start coming out at later dates.

Question: Will it be reflected in Connect for the existing customers or is it going forward only?

Answer: This will be going forward only and for now and will not affect existing customers

Question: When a client calls into Support and requests to activate or deactivate a DID, will it automatically update in Connect?

Answer: Yes.  When a number in Connect is 'unlocked' or in an 'available' state, it will show as a 'regular DID' in licensing.  If it is assigned to something and changed to 'unavailable,' it will show as an 'InUse' sku in licensing. IMPORTANT NOTE: If a DID is bundled with a SKU, then the inUse SKU will be what is being bundled with those SKUs if provisioned properly within Connect.

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