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Internal Customer Training Gold - Process


During your implementation, CallTower training will reach out to you regarding your training needs and scheduling. Below is that process.

CallTower Training Customer

After Initial Email From CallTower Training:

  • CallTower training will send customer an email to forward to users. This email will include a link to our adoption guide, solution center and ask to proceed with scheduling both the user training and the Q&A session. 


After Initial Email With CallTower Training: 

  • Respond to CallTower training with potential training dates. 


After Initial Email Response:

  • CallTower Training will send customer an email including the agenda for training, attached documents including the Employer Flyer and the Contact Sheet.  

After Agenda And Documents Are Received: 

  • Respond to the email indicating any customizations to the training agenda. 

CallTower Will Send Invitation For Training Meeting: 

  • CallTower Training will send an invitation for the training meeting that includes the agenda and a link to our solution center. After the training, a recording of the session will be sent to the MPOC email.  

Day After Training: 

  • Forward emails from CallTower Training to your users.  



CallTower will cover the following: 

  • Settings:
    • Calls: Call answering rules, call forwarding, VM configuration, ringtones
  • Calls
    • How to place a call
    • Receiving  a call
    • How to transfer a call
    • How to add a contact to speed dial
    • History: log of incoming, outgoing and missed calls. You can also call from here
    • VM: how to retrieve VM-Listen and call back
  • Teams Mobile App
  • Q&A

There will be an addition 30 minute Q&A session that will occur after the go-live date. This will allow users to ask any and all questions after using the new system.


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