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CallTower Information - Removing "SPAM Likely"


To respond to the growing number of scam calls made to mobile phones, many carriers and third parties have created tools to identify and block spam/fraudulent calls.

Most carriers utilize a database of numbers that have been previously reported as spam and a filtering system to match against. If the source matches a reported spam number, the called party sees a message indicating the call may likely be spam. These systems are not managed by CallTower, nor is CallTower able to manually attest lines on behalf of customers.

The recommendations below will help customers validate their outbound traffic and prevent calls from being flagged by mistake. The following steps must be completed by a customer MPOC.

To mitigate the likelihood of your outbound calls being marked as spam, carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc., have provided calling parties with resources to assert their phone lines, to prevent mis-flagged calls from appearing as spam. Links to the major carriers are provided below in this article.

Setting the CNAM/Caller ID for outbound calls with the carrier can also mitigate the likelihood of calls being mis-flagged as spam as well. For assistance with manually setting/updating the Caller ID at the carrier level, please reach out to CallTower Support to submit a request. Caller ID requirements and character limits can be provided upon request.

By completing these requirements, your calls should no longer appear as spam to called parties. Please note that it can take some time for each destination carrier to update their respective databases and remove the spam flagging.

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