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CallTower Infomation CT Text - Campaign Registration FAQs

Mobile carriers are adjusting the throughput caps they've historically enforced on local messaging for business senders, also known as A2P programs while imposing new registration requirements and requiring additional fees.  These requirements, meant to curb spam text messages, mean that companies using SMS on non-wireless numbers must register their company (or brand) SMS campaigns and associated 10DLC messaging-enabled telephone numbers.  These new requirements take effect on October 1, 2021.

What is 10DLC?

10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) is SMS or MMS text messaging using a traditional 10-digit phone number.

What is A2P?

Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging has historically been used to categorize messages sent by an application rather than an individual.  However, mobile carriers have recently expanded their definition of A2P traffic to include any non-consumer use.  A Non-Consumer is a business, organization, or entity that uses messaging to communicate with Consumers. Examples may include but are not limited to, large-to-small businesses, financial institutions, schools, medical practices, customer service entities, non-profit organizations, and political campaigns. 

What is an SMS Campaign? / How many Campaigns do I need to register for?

Although the term 'Campaign Registration' is the industry standard, it may be confusing.  The campaign does not refer to any sort of marketing activity - a campaign refers to any group of landline telephone numbers within a single company brand that will send messages to mobile telephone subscribers.  A group of users with CT Text or CT Cloud Voice SMS for communicating one-on-one with mobile numbers would be considered a single campaign.  Most customers will only need to register for this single campaign.  You may need additional registrations if you use SMS in your Contact Center.  If you have any questions about how many campaigns you must register, please contact

Why do I have to register my SMS Campaigns / What happens if I don't register?

Several mobile carriers have instituted potential fines of up to $10,000 per incident for non-consumer (A2P) messages sent to their subscribers prior to registration or for violation of content requirements.  By sending messages to subscribers of these mobile carriers, you are subject to these restrictions.  Some carriers are also blocking messages from unregistered numbers.

How do I register?

You should receive SMS campaign registration info during the implementation process or via an email from CallTower.  If you do not have this information and you are still in implementation, request it from your IPM manager. Outside of implementation, you can request by sending an email to  The form must be completed in its entirety and returned to, along with a list of telephone numbers associated with your campaign.  Telephone numbers that are not registered will not be available for use with SMS or MMS features

How much does registration cost?

Registration is $90 one-time and $17 per month per campaign registration for up to 49 SMS enabled telephone numbers.  There is no additional charge to add DIDs to a campaign until the 50th telephone number.  For registration of 50 or more numbers, there is a $2,000 one-time fee and $200 per month charge.

How will I know when I am registered? 

You will get an email response confirming that your campaign and associated telephone numbers are registered.

When will hear back that I am registered? 

You should receive confirmation of registration within six weeks for campaigns under 50 telephone numbers. Larger campaigns may take longer to complete registration.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact CallTower Support at 800-347-5444 or

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