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CallTower - Know Your Customer (KYC) Rules

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of verifying your identity to ensure proper use of services. It requires you to provide documentation such as identity, address, and business verification as proof before acquiring and using services. 

Regarding telecom, KYC refers to the processes and policies used by communication service providers to evaluate the identity and communication intent of their customers.  CallTower works with many global Telecom carriers to obtain numbers and services.  These global carriers often must follow Know Your Customer’s Customer (KYCC) rules. They will require documentation directly from CallTower’s customers to show proof of business use for the services. 

Government sanctions for KYC related omissions, number misuse, and/or non-compliance are notoriously stringent, sometimes costing significant amounts of money in fines.  To prevent these government fines, carriers are very stringent in collecting all necessary documentation and proof. 

To meet these requirements, carriers are asking for documents to prove legitimate business needs and to ensure that numbers will be used inside of the country.  This is done to show number use will meet government regulatory use and to help prevent SPAM calls.   

Below is a general sample of the type of documents carriers are looking for to meet these KYC requirements.  Some countries may have more specific document needs. These requirements will be identified as you work with your implementation manager on specific number blocks and carriers.  They can change from carrier to carrier and country to country.  


Documentation Needed 

Types of Documentation 

Business Name 

Proof of Identity 

  • Current business registration/permit 

Business Address 

Proof of Address


  • Company Registration/Permit documents showing same address where requesting numbers. 

  • Utility bill 

  • Tax notice 

Business Registration Number 


Proof of Business Registration Number 


  • Company Registration/Permit documents showing same address where requesting numbers. 

Name of Authorized Representative 


Proof of Identity (through a secured site) 


  • Government Issued ID with Picture 

  • Passport 

Authorization of Authorized Representative 

Proof that the representative is authorized to act on behalf of the company 

  • Power of attorney 

  • Other official documentation such as the commercial registry identifying the person as a country manager and an authorized representative 


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