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Billing - Invoice Delivery

How is the invoice delivered?

By default CallTower provides monthly invoices via email with a copy available on-demand from our online portal, Ebill. Upon request CallTower can also send hard copies of the invoice by first class mail.

What does the invoice consist of?

The monthly invoice package consists of a Corporate Invoice and the Sub-Account Statements which roll up into the corporate account. The invoice itself will provide the quantity, rate and dates of service for the charges presented, including a breakout of toll usage by call type.

What’s the difference between the Corporate Invoice and the Sub-Account Statement?

The Corporate Invoice provides the overall quantities of service and the rates applied. It also include a breakdown of toll usage charges by call type, as well as a general overview of the total charges owed by sub-account. The Sub-Account Statement also provides the quantities of service and rates applied, along with the specific date range applied to the charge.

Can a location be responsible for the location-specific charges rather than rolling all charges up into the corporate invoice?

Yes, this is possible. By default all location charges roll up into the corporate invoice; however, if necessary this arrangement can be split out so that specific sub-accounts receive the identified invoices for payment, causing the corporate invoice to become a summary statement only.

How do I access my invoices online?

Navigate to and click on CALLTOWER:CONNECT in the ribbon at the top of the window; enter your user CallTower credentials when prompted. Once logged in to Connect, click on the gear shaped Administration icon in the upper right corner and select Ebill from the options presented. Please note that you will be unable to access Ebill until after you receive your first invoice. If you still are unable to access Ebill please reach out to our Support Team at 866-586-4700 for assistance.

Can CallTower generate a modified/updated/corrected invoice?

Unfortunately, no; at present CallTower’s billing system doesn’t allow for a re-generated invoice. Once an invoice has generated the system closes down that billing period and no modifications can be made. Any corrections or credit will be captured on the next invoice immediately following the update.