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CallTower Solutions Center

Billing - General Questions

What’s CallTower’s billing period?

CallTower’s billing period is the 26th of the current month through the 25th of the following month.

Does CallTower bill in advance or arrears?

Most services bill a month in advance (users, equipment, ancillary features, etc.). Usage charges (minutes of use, 3rd party call center solutions, non-recurring support charges, etc.) bill in arrears.

What are prorated charges?

A prorated charge is a catch-up charge (or credit) for a service added or removed during the billing cycle. Because CallTower bills in advance, service modifications are captured on the next invoice in the form of prorated charges.

What are recurring charges?

Recurring charges are the regular, ongoing charges for your service.

What are one time charges?

One time charges are non-recurring fees such as shipping and handling, configuration and implementation fees, provisioning support fees, etc.

Why doesn’t my 1st invoice reflect the deposit I’ve paid?

Deposits are security against future invoices and are kept on file for the duration of your engagement with CallTower. The deposits are not reflected on the invoices and are returned in the form of a refund check upon termination of your CallTower Services. If you paid a deposit but did not receive a separate receipt please email or call 415-869-8999.

If I sign up for auto pay, will get a discount? 

No, but the benefit is you will avoid credit card fees. 

I need assistance updating my billing account information (name, address, payment method, or invoice recipient list), who can help me?

Please email or call 415-869-8999

I have questions about my invoice or a charge which I believe to be in error, who can help me?

Please email or call 415-869-8999