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Clarity Connect Admin - Call Diagnostics Missing Details


When pulling up a session via the session search sometimes you will see no details found in Call Diagnostics page, for Session Status History, Agent Participations, Session Events History and Session IVR Path.

Steps to Recreate

1.  Navigate to the Connect Administrative Website > Session Search.

2.  Click on the Session of interest.

3.  Open the Call Diagnostics tab.

4.  Call Diagnostics page will not display any data. 

Call Diagnostics page resembles the image below.


Root Cause

ETL process clears that data after the number of days configured via ETL_DaysToKeepRuntimeData setting. 4 days is the default number of dates. Call Diagnostics will be available for newer sessions. 

It is recommended to use the default number of days because it allows the Connect Runtime database to stay fresh while also providing supervisors a time window to look at sessions in detail.