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Forwarding Calls in the user Portal

If Call Forwarding is enabled, it will allow you to set up call forwarding for a specific extension to a number that you can specify or to your voicemail. To set up or modify your Call Forwarding go to the Call Forwarding card on the Launchpad.

Call Forwarding Steps:

1. Double-Click on the extension you wish to forward to a number or your voicemail.

2. Enter in the Call Forward Number if you would like to have your calls sent to another number or check the voicemail box to have all your calls sent to your voicemail.

a. For an internal phone number, enter the extension (e.g. XXXX). Note: the extension can be four or more digits long.

b. If an external number, you will need to enter your dial out digit (8 or 9), then 1, followed by the full 10 digit telephone number, (e.g. 81XXXXXXXXXX).

1. Click the Save button to keep your changes or addition or Cancel to remove your changes.


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