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CallTower Solutions Center

Find-Me/Follow-Me - Voicemail Profiles

Find-me/follow-me gives a caller the option of pressing "1" when reaching your voicemail at which time the CallTower Connect system will attempt to locate you at an alternate location. Users can specify what locations the system should attempt to forward the call to and in what order (i.e., first call my Cell, then call my Home locations).

To set up your Find-me/Follow-me:

1. Select a voicemail on the left.

2. Select from the drop down of each location of where you would like the system to try and locate you.

3. Note: You will need to save your cell, home, office, and pager in the User Properties in order for those to appear as possible locations.

4. You can set up to five locations.

5. Click Save Selected Profile.

6. To prompt the caller to activate find-me/follow-me system, record in your voicemail greeting, “Press 1 to have the system locate me”.