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Setup an email address for voicemail to send to


1. Click on the contacts link:


2. Once in the contacts tab, click on add.jpgAdd (Near the top)

3. Add the following:
   1. Display name (First & Last Name)
   2. First Name
   3. Last Name
   4. Email address (For voicemails/transcriptions to go to)
   5. Check on Global address list.
   6. Select 2018-05-17_17-27-39.jpgand select save


4. Pull up the user:
         1. Select the user link from the menu
         2. Pull up the user whom the phone is assigned too.
             1. Search by username, First name, Extension, Etc
             2. Select the user so that they are highlighted in purple.

5. Click on User Settings and then Proprieties 


6. In the box that opens, go to 4. Forward and scroll down to Mail Forwarding.
8. Enter the Display name you setup earlier in the mail forwarding box.
9. check 'deliver to both mailboxes'
10. Click Save.


Example Video:

Setup an Email address for voicemail


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