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Create A Common Area Phone

This Article will walk you through the two process for creating a Common Area Phone in the Admin Portal.

What is a Common Area Phone?

A Common Area Phone is a phone created without a specific user in mind. These phones will typically be in the lobby, hallway, break room, or any other "common area" where a phone may be required but a designated user will not be available. 

Please note that a common area phone is not going to be able to receive voicemail.


Method 1: Adding a New Common Area Phone

1. Go to Phones Tab by selecting the tab or by selecting the button- 

2. Select Add

3. Choose Common Area Phone and Fill in the fields below and select Next.

4. Fill out the Phone Configuration template and click next.

5. Review the Summary information and click "Finish" when approved, or click "Back" if any changes need to be made.

Method 2: Changing an existing available phone to Common Area. 

1. Go to the Phones tab and select an available phone. 
(Note: The "Description" column will identify whether or not a phone is available.) 

2. Highlight "Manage Phone" and click "Change to Common Area Phone."

3. Fill out the "Change to Common Area Phone" template and click "Save."


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