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Adjust Number of Speed Dials

If you have phones that have a space(s) not being utilized with a combination of speed dials and lines, you will need to change the phone template.

Example: If a phone has six buttons and it has a four-line template, then the phone is reserving four lines for calling, leaving two lines for speed dials. The template should be changed to match the number of lines and buttons on the phone. If you want three lines and three speed dials, you will need a three-line template assigned to that specific phone.

  1. Log on to the Admin Portal.
  2. Find the phone under the Phone tab.

3. Highlight it and then click on the Update button. This will split the screen and display the Update Phone window on the right of the screen.

4. In the window on the right find the New Template drop-down list.

5. Update the template to reflect the amount of lines, speed dials, and buttons on your phone. For example, if it’s a "7960", two lines phone, reserve four buttons for speed dials).

6. Save the template you have selected.

7. Add your speed dials, if appropriate.

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