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Add new user for MS Teams

1.       The user account must be created in 365 and have Teams and a Phone System License assigned.

2.       Login to Connect with MPOC username and password

3.       Click on the user’s icon on the left-hand side at the top under the home icon2.png 

4.       Click the blue plus on the right-hand side 1.png

5.       Fill out the user information example shown in the screen shot below. Be sure that the username matches the same username in 365.3.png

6.       Set the users password (please note this password is only for CallTower Connect and is not for 365)



7.       Assign the service and the phone number to the user account select as shown in the screen shot below and select the plan you want either metered or unlimited and then the number from the drop-down list on the right



8.       Click the blue Save button and your user will be created 7.png


9.       Once the user account is finished creating then you will see this banner at the top (it normally doesn’t take 24 hours for the calls tab to populate but in the past, it has taken that long for Microsoft to populate it, that’s why we put that warning at the top)




10.   To delete a user account from Connect you find your user and click on it. On the bottom right hover over the red circle and you will see a trash can icon and click on that to delete the user (please delete the user in Connect prior to deleting from 365)


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