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Manage Phones – Phone Services

Manage Users Phone Service Steps:




1. Highlight the user to manage their phones

2. Click on the down arrow on Directory Services and select Manage Phones

3. A list of the phone(s) associated with the highlighted user are displayed at the bottom of the screen

4. To add a device to the user click on the Add Device To User button on the screen.

5. The Add Phone To User screen will appear on the bottom of the screen next to the list of phones.  With the list of available phones to add.

6. Double-click on the phone to be added to the user

7. Select the 911 DID (required)

8. Click the Add To User button to add the phone to the user.

9. Click the Cancel Button to ignore the request.

10. To remove a phone from a user highlight the user

11. Click the Remove button

12. Confirm the removal of the phone.