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CT Cloud Meeting - FAQ

CT Cloud Meeting FAQ

  • Is CT Cloud Meeting the same as Zoom?
    • No, CT Cloud Meeting is a custom branch of Zoom code, which means some features work differently as listed below.
  • Can I join a CT Cloud Meeting using Zoom?
    • No; attendees must use the CT Cloud Meeting application and/or URL to join a CT Cloud Meeting.
  • Can I use a virtual background for my Meeting?
    • Virtual Backgrounds are only available for the mobile application; they are not available for the desktop application. There is also no background blur available for the mobile application.
  • Can Meetings be recorded in the cloud?
    • No, Meetings can only be recorded on a local PC.
  • Can Webinars be managed from the CT Cloud Meeting application for CT Cloud Meeting Standalone users?
  • What license(s) are required for a CT Cloud Meeting Standalone user to be enabled for Webinar?
    • A CT Cloud Meeting Standalone user can have a Webinar license for 100, 500 or 1,000 Webinar attendees, but must also have a minimum Meeting license for 100 Meeting attendees.
  • CT Cloud Meeting Standalone users configure Scheduling Assistants to schedule Meetings on their behalf?
    • No, only CT Cloud Voice users who also have a CT Cloud Meeting license can configure Scheduling Assistants. If you would like to upgrade your account to include CT Cloud Voice, please contact your CallTower Account Manager.





For any additional questions, please contact CallTower Support via phone at 800-347-5444 or via email at

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