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Cisco - How to Configure an ATA 187

Configuring an ATA 187

In this article, We will go through the steps necessary to configure an ATA 187 for cisco in connect.

Step #1

Make sure you have the required equipment.

-  Cisco ATA 187

-  12V AC/DC power adaptor compatible with the ATA 

-  Analog handset with a dial pad

Step #2

Build the ATA in CallTower Connect in the "Phones" tab as a "Common area phone"

Then, select Cisco ATA or Cisco ATA - Fax (Depending on the purpose of the ATA) and choose the model corresponding with ATA 187

The rest of the information on the template is either streamlined or completely dependent on the situation such as(MAC, location, 911 DID, etc...)

Step #3

Once the event has finished processing, plug in the ATA to a voice port via a network switch. Make sure the power is plugged in and connect the analog handset to the ATA.

After the Device is all plugged in the lights will flash for a moment, then they should all turn off with the exception of the power light.

At this point, pick up the analog handset (line 1 should light up) and you should hear beeping. Press the set up button on the physical device and it should turn red and prompt you to enter the password followed by the pound key (cisco#). 

You will now be in the configuration menu,(If it is a used device press 0 to reset to factory. Then it will reboot and you will have to get back into the config menu.) press 2 to configure TFTP. It will relay the current TFTP, if you need to change it, start entering in the new TFTP using the * symbol in replace of the . symbol and end with the pound key. (Ex: 255*255*255*255#)

The ATA will switch over to the new TFTP. Wait a couple minutes for it to do this. Then pick up the handset and you should hear a ring tone. Place a test call to confirm that its working.



NOTE: if the TFTP gets relayed as then make sure to check that the device is getting an IP in the network settings. Option 1 in the configuration menu. 

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