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Cisco Webex- Calling from the App


If your organization has configured your Webex account with a  phone service, you can also  call anyone else with a phone number. This type of calling requires additional services so check if your account has a phone service, associated with it.

  • You can only be signed into the phone service on one calling app at a time. For example, you can't be signed into the phone service on both the Webex App and Jabber or the Webex Calling app at the same time. If you're using Webex App and sign into another calling app, the phone service in Webex App is disconnected.

Calling from the App:

When you call like this, it’s just like making a regular phone call from any other type of phone. 


Access to a dial pad is available if you're set up with a phone service such as Unified CM, Webex Calling, or Calling hosted by a Service Provider.

Go to , enter a phone number in the dial pad, and then choose whether you want to make it an Audio  or Video  call.

You can even place a call from your app header. Just click  Search, meet, and call, enter the name, email address, or video address, and then press Enter to make the call.


When you're in a phone call, here are just a few features available:

  • Put a call on hold—If you're on a phone call with someone and you get interrupted with something else that you need to take care of, you can put the call on hold and resume it when you're free to chat again.

  • Transfer a call—When you're on a call, you can transfer that call to someone else.

  • Forward a call—If you're going to be away from your desk but don't want to miss an important phone call, you can forward your calls to another phone number.

  • Add someone to your contacts—You can add people to your Contacts list, making it easier to connect with the people you message and call most often.

  • Voicemail—Don't worry about missing important calls. People can leave you a voice message and you can listen to the message right in the app.

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