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TSE Steps to Configure a Polycom IP 5000/6000/7000 LesConcierges London

In order for this phone to work at a location the customer will need specific equipment.

They will need a CallTower T1 or ASA

      2. This phone is not compatible with Sipera.


STEP 1:  Add Phone in Connect

  • You will go to the Phones tab and select the “Add” option to add the phone.
  • Select “Common Area Phone” and fill out the phone Configuration as seen below:

*Note:  These phones will always be added as “Third Party SIP Device”.  Then the rest of the options will only have 1 option in the Phone Configuration.  You will need to be sure to build it in the correct location of the company.
STEP 2:  Enabling option 150 on a Polycom SIP phone

  • Power the phone on a Voice Port, or power cycle the phone.
  • While the phone is booting up you will need to hit the “Set Up” soft key before the time runs out.
  • Enter the Password when prompted.  Password is 456.
  • Scroll down by using the down arrow key until you see the option “DHCP Menu” and hit the “Select” soft key.
  • Scroll until you have “Boot Server” highlighted and hit the “Edit” soft key.  Then scroll until you see the “Custom” option and hit the “Ok” soft key.
  • Scroll down until you have “BootSrv Opt” highlighted and hit the “Edit” soft key.
  • Press the Keypad to change the “BootSrv Opt” to 150, then press the soft key “Ok”.
  • Scroll down until “BootSrv Type” is highlighted and press the “Ok” soft key.  Now scroll down until you find the option “IP Address” and hit the “Ok” soft key.
  • Press the “Exit” soft key twice to exit out.
  • Scroll until you have the “Save and Reboot” option highlighted and press the “Select” soft key.  The phone will now reboot.

STEP 3:   SIP Provisioning

  • Once the phone is done rebooting to the main screen press the “Menu” button and go to option 2 “Status Menu” from there press 2 on the keypad to take you to the “Network Menu”, from there press 1 on the keypad to take you to the option “TCP/IP Parameters, within that menu you can take note of the IP Address.  This can be seen sometimes on the main screen of the phone when it boots up.
  • In a browser (Preferred Google Chrome) browse to the IP Address.  Example: and then hit the enter key to which the log in menu will appear.

Log in using the following credentials:

Username:  Polycom (case sensitive)
Password: 456


  • Browse to the SIP Menu and browse to “Digitmap” and copy and paste the following into the window:

100T | 8,00xxx.T | 8,[0]xxxxxxxxxx | [0-9]xxxT |
*Note that if there are spaces when you copy and paste it will not work.

  • Browse to “Digitmap Timeout” and copy and paste the following in the window:

3 | 3 | 3 | 3 |
*Note that if there are spaces when you copy and paste it will not work.

  • Fill in the following fields under the “Server 1” heading “Address” and put in the Cluster CUCM of the client that you are registering the phone to.
  • Click Submit.  Phone will reboot at this point.

Step 4:  Line Provisioning

  • Browse to the “Lines” page of the phone menu
  • Display name: [USER_ID]
  • Address: [EXTENSION]
  • Authenticatin User ID: [USER_ID]
  • Authentication Password: [PIN] 12345
  • Label: Line 1 – [EXTENSION]
  • No answer timeout:  cannot be set lower than the no answer ring duration setting fot the line in CUCM.  Default is 55.
  • Callback mode: Contact
  • Callback Contact: 81+[10 Digit VM Primary Pilot] or 91+[10 Digit VM Primary Pilot]
  • All other settings are default
  • Then you hit “Submit”

Step 5:  Polycom Sip Phone Configuration – Time Server Provisioning

  • Browse to the general page of the phone menu
  • Select “Time” under the general configuration parameters heading
  • SNTP Sever: and if it does not work with the first.
  • GMT Offset [GMT_OFFSET]
  • Submit
  • The phone should reset at this point.

Step 6:  Polycom Sip Phone Verify Registration

  • Press the Menu key on the Polycom and from there go to option 2 for “Status”
  • Then from the “Status” Menu go to option 3 for “Lines”
  • If the phone is registered you should see “Registered” on the display followed by an incrementing counter.
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