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Cisco Polycom - Configure IP 5000-7000 Phones

NOTE: This will only work if the phone is behind a CallTower T1 or ASA.  It will not work with the remote server.

Add Phone in Connect

  1. You will go to the Phones tab and select the “Add” option to add the phone.
  2. Select “Common Area Phone” and fill out the phone Configuration as seen below:


*Note:  These phones will always be added as “Third Party SIP Device”.  Then the rest of the options will only have 1 option in the Phone Configuration.  You will need to be sure to build it in the correct location of the company.

Enabling option 150 on a Polycom SIP phone

  1. Power the phone on a Voice Port, or power cycle the phone.
  2. While the phone is booting up you will need to hit the “Set Up” soft key before the time runs out.
  3. Enter the Password when prompted.  Password is 456.
  4. Scroll down by using the down arrow key until you see the option “DHCP Menu” and hit the “Select” soft key.
  5. Scroll until you have “Boot Server” highlighted and hit the “Edit” soft key.  Then scroll until you see the “Custom” option and hit the “Ok” soft key.
  6. Scroll down until you have “BootSrv Opt” highlighted and hit the “Edit” soft key.
  7. Press the Keypad to change the “BootSrv Opt” to 150, then press the soft key “Ok”.
  8. Scroll down until “BootSrv Type” is highlighted and press the “Ok” soft key.  Now scroll down until you find the option “IP Address” and hit the “Ok” soft key.
  9. Press the “Exit” soft key twice to exit out.
  10. Scroll until you have the “Save and Reboot” option highlighted and press the “Select” soft key.  The phone will now reboot.

SIP Provisioning

  1. Once the phone is done rebooting to the main screen press the “Menu” button and go to option 2 “Status Menu” from there press 2 on the keypad to take you to the “Network Menu”, from there press 1 on the keypad to take you to the option “TCP/IP Parameters, within that menu you can take note of the IP Address.  This can be seen sometimes on the main screen of the phone when it boots up.
  2. In a browser (Preferred Google Chrome) browse to the IP Address.  Example: and then hit the enter key to which the log in menu will appear.
  3. Log in using the following credentials:
  4. Username:  Polycom (case sensitive)
  5. Password:  456

  6. Browse to the SIP Menu and browse to “Digitmap” and copy and paste the following into the window:
  7. 911|8,911|8,1911|411|8,1411|8,411|0T|8,011xxx.T|8,1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[0-9]xxxT|8,[2-9]xxxxxx
  8. If the client uses 9 to dial out copy and past the following into the window instead:
  9. 911|9,911|9,1911|411|9,1411|9,411|0T|9,011xxx.T|9,1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[0-9]xxxT|9,[2-9]xxxxx

  10. *Note that if there are spaces when you copy and paste it will not work.
  13. Browse to “Digitmap Timeout” and copy and paste the following in the window:
  14.  3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3| 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3
  15. *Note that if there are spaces when you copy and paste it will not work.

  16. Fill in the following fields under the “Server 1” heading “Address” and put in the Cluster CUCM of the client that you are registering the phone to.

  17. Click Submit.  Phone will reboot at this point.

Line Provisioning

  1. Browse to the “Lines” page of the phone menu
  2. Display name: [USER_ID] - On the Phone in CUCM this will be labeled as the "Digest User"
  3. Address: [EXTENSION] or for e.164 clients [+1XXXXXXXXXX]

  4. Authenticatin User ID: [USER_ID]
  5. Authentication Password: [PIN] 12345
  6. Label: Line 1 – [EXTENSION]
  7. No answer timeout:  cannot be set lower than the no answer ring duration setting fot the line in CUCM.  Default is 55.

  8. Callback mode: Contact

  9. Callback Contact: 81+[10 Digit VM Primary Pilot] or 91+[10 Digit VM Primary Pilot]

  10. All other settings are default
  11. Then you hit “Submit”

Polycom Sip Phone Configuration – Time Server Provisioning

  1. Browse to the general page of the phone menu
  2. Select “Time” under the general configuration parameters heading

  3. SNTP Sever: and if it does not work with the first.
  4. GMT Offset [GMT_OFFSET]

  5. Submit
  6. The phone should reset at this point.

Polycom Sip Phone Verify Registration

  1. Press the Menu key on the Polycom and from there go to option 2 for “Status”
  2. Then from the “Status” Menu go to option 3 for “Lines”

If the phone is registered you should see “Registered” on the display followed by an incrementing counter.