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Cisco - Troubleshooting Paging



  • Read access to CUCM cluster that the customer resides on
  • Customer must be managed network.  Paging is not supported on BYOB.*
  • If the customer is using their own switches, the switches must support multicast.  Paging is dependent upon multicast.
  • Only same-site paging is currently supported. Site to Site paging is not supported.

*Paging may work on BYOB networks if the customer internal network can support multi cast, but it is not officially support it as we don't have access to their internal network to troubleshoot multi cast.  Not all network hardware supports multi cast. This is especially true of consumer network hardware.


  • Check to ensure that the paging user was created, and properly provisioned
  • Browse to the CUCM cluster that the customer resides on, and sign in with your credentials
  • Browse to User Management > End User
  • Set the first drop down to 'User ID', and the second drop down to 'Contains'
  • Enter the paging user in the search field.  The naming convention for paging users follows this format.  [pagingzone][pagingzone number]@[customerdomain]
  • Click on the appropriate user
  • Scroll down to the section labeled Device information.
  • Check to ensure that the mac address for all phones in the paging zone are in the controlled devices field.
  • If you have confirmed that the affected device is built in the paging zone in connect, but you don't see it's mac address in the controlled devices field, send an escalation to DEV for resolution.  Do not fix on the back end. 
  • Scroll down to the section labeled Extension Mobility
  • Check to ensure that the 'Allow control of Device from CTI' radio box is checked. 
  • If the 'Allow control of Device from CTI radio box is not checked send an escalation to DEV. Do not fix on the back end.
  • Scroll down to the section labeled Permissions Information
  • Check to ensure that the following groups, and roles are listed into the groups and roles windows.
    • Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfers and conf
    • Standard CTI Enabled
  • If the groups and roles from the previous step are not properly set, you should not fix it on the back end.  Send a task to DEV for resolution.
  • If the user is properly provisioned proceed to the next section

Checking the network  

  • Confirm that the customer is managed network, and not BYOB
  • Check to ensure that managed switches are properly provisioned
  • If the customer has their own managed switches, ask them to confirm that they support MultiCast, and that Multicast is enabled
  • Escalate to CCE
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