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Cisco - Extension Mobility

Extension Mobility

Extension Mobility is a feature for users who do not have their own individually assigned phone*, but when phone use is needed, they are able to log in and out of a common phone using their 4-digit extension; if users have their own IP phone, they will not be using this feature.

For those using the Extension Mobility feature, locate the phone on which Extension Mobility is configured. Press the Services button and open the Extension Mobility menu. You will then have the option to Logon or Logout.

Logon: You will be prompted for a User ID and PIN. In the User ID field, enter your 4-digit extension. Scroll down to the PIN field using the down arrow on the scroll button and enter your voicemail passcode, and then select the Submit soft key. After logging in the phone will reconfigure with your extension on line 1, allowing you to receiving inbound calls made to yourextension or telephone number. Line 2 will contain the phone’s default extension.

• Logout: Again, press the Services button, open the Extension Mobility menu, and select the Logout option.

*The user must have a phone assigned to them in order for Extension Mobility to work properly. You may need to assign a virtual MAC to the user without an individually assigned phone.


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