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Cisco - Create/Join A Conference Call (Meet Me)


  • Cisco phone built in the organizations call space.
  • A Conference (CO) type number.

Starting a Conference


  1. Open a line on your Cisco phone
  • A conference cannot be started from an external phone.
  1. Press the More soft key, which will provide additional soft keys.




  1. Then press the MeetMe soft key.



  1. The conference will beep twice prompting you to enter the 4-digit MeetMe room ID in order to establish the conference. 



Joining a Conference


After the MeetMe conference is established other callers may join the conference. MeetMe conferences allow up to 8 callers to join, including the host.

Internal Users

Open a line on your Cisco phone.

Dial the 4-digit room ID. The phone will beep once indicating that you have been connected.

External Callers

Dial the 10-digit number on a phone of your choice. The conference will beep once indicating that you have been connected.  
NOTE: MeetMe conferences do not require callers to enter a pass code.  
Each time a caller joins the MeetMe conference, callers already in the conference will hear one beep alerting them that a new caller has joined. Each time a caller disconnects from the conference two beeps will be heard.  The person who starts the meeting must stay on the meeting for the duration of the meeting.  Once the meeting initiator has left the meeting, the conference call will drop.