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Cisco - Common Area Edge Phone Configuration


Walk users through setting up Common Area Cisco MRA (Edge) configured Phones for remote use. 

Additional Information: 

Cisco recently started supporting a new remote phone connection method via Cisco Expressway. This combined with the supported firmware 11.x or higher allows these phones to register remotely to CUCM utilizing what will be commonly referred to as Collaboration Edge or simply MRA (Mobile remote Access).

MRA for the 7800/800 series phones uses the same service discovery process that Jabber uses. Please keep in mind that the services domain is different since Calltower has chosen to use different Expressway servers as well as domains to support MRA and Jabber in tandem.


Add phone in Connect

  1. Click on Hamburger Menu then go to Phones
  2. Click on the + (add) button and select Common Area Phone.
  3. Make sure Device Type is Cisco Edge Phone and note that the Description will be the login username for the device. You'll want to make sure it's not too long/complicated as you will have to type this in to login to the phone. Hit save when done.
  4. NOTE - The password defaults to 12345


Connecting Phones to Edge on 10.5 Call Manager

Use the URL below to view how to setup your Edge device on 10.5 Call Manager.


Connecting Phones to Edge on 12.5 HCS


1 - Click the above article to see how to login to an Edge phone. There's only 1 difference for HCS which is that the service domain is








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