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Setting Up Wi-Fi on the Cisco 8861


Need to be a hosted Call Manager Custer. The phone must also be built in Connect as a VPN – Enabled phone. It is best to first stage the phone on Voice, Data, and then Wi-Fi.


Step 1:  Go to Wi-Fi Client Setup

Ø  Press the Settings “Cog Wheel” button as seen below:


  • Go to Admin Settings > Network Setup > Wi-Fi Client Setup

Step 2:  Set “Wireless” and “Wi-Fi sign in access” to “On”
Step 3:  Set Your Networks SSID

  • This is dependent upon the Wi-Fi Network the phone is connecting to.


Step 4:  Select the Security Mode

  • You will “Select” either WEP or PSK (Pre-Shared Key).  Once selected you will enter in the Wi-Fi password.
  • Phone then should attempt and connect to the VPN and Register.


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