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Cisco 79XX - Expansion Module Red Lights


The purpose of this document is to troubleshoot the 7970's expansion module with all lights are red. 


Expansion module all light up red.

  • CCM: CHI CM 6.
  • Phone Model: 7970
  • Expansion module: 7914

The phone had an old firmware(TERM70.6-0-2-0S)

It couldn't upgrade directly to the CHI CM 6 default load for 7970's(SCCP70.8-5-3S).

The old firmware doesn't work with the side car.


  1. Upgrade the phone to version : SCCP70.8-3-1S.
  2. Then upgrade to Version: SCCP70.8-4-4S.
  3. Then remove the load specified in CCM so it would upgrade to the default version: SCCP70.8-5-3S
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