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Cisco 79XX - 7925/7921 Configuration


Configuring a Cisco 7925/7921 Wireless IP Phone

Updated: 06-02-16


Prerequisite(s) for Configuring Phone Settings:

  1. Local Access Point (AP) that is connected to a Hosted Circuit or ASA voice vlan)
  2. Local AP SSID
  3. Local AP encryption type and password/key info
  4. Local AP protocol/broadcasting band (e.g. 802.11b/g), these phones only support a/b/g types
  5. Phone model and MAC

Before continuing, please make sure the MAC address is correctly built as either Common Area, or to a Cisco user in the Connect Admin Portal.

Network Profile Configuration Steps:

  1. Power on the Cisco 7925/7921 Wireless IP Phone via the Power Button
  2. Access the phone settings by selecting the "Toolbox" in the main menu
  3. Select "Network Profiles" in the Settings Menu
  4. Near the top of the screen to the right of "Network Profiles", there will be a lock, make sure this lock is open. Press **# to open the lock if needed
  5. Highlight the profile you want to configure, select it so there the box is checked, then select "View"
  6. If you wish to change the profile name, see the below steps, if not go to step 9
  7. Highlight "Profile Name" and select "Change"
  8. Clear any existing text with <<, once the desired name is entered, select "Options" and "Save"
  9. Highlight "WLAN Configuration" and select "View"
  10. Highlight "SSID" and select "Change"
  11. Clear any existing text with <<, once the desired SSID is entered, select "Options" and "Save"
  12. Highlight "Security Mode" and select "Change"
  13. Select the encryption type that matches what's configured on the AP, if the encryption type it's not listed (e.g. WPA), select Auto (AKM), and select "Save"
  14. The next set of options will vary depending on the Security Mode that was selected, rule of thumb is fill out and save known information
  15. Scroll and find "802.11 Mode" and select "Change"
  16. Select the appropriate protocol and select "Save"
  17. Select "Back", WLAN configuration is now complete and the phone should be getting an IP from the voice vlan
  18. Highlight Network Configuration and select "View"
  19. Scroll down to "IP Address" and confirm the phone has a correct IP
  20. The phone should now start the registration process and register successfully

If the phone has an unknown/unfamiliar configuration, you can perform a factory reset with the below steps

  1. Access the phone settings by selecting the "Toolbox" in the main menu
  2. Select "Phone Settings"
  3. Press **2 and select "Yes"

If you continue to have questions or concerns with getting your 7925/7921 IP Phone working properly, please reach out to support

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