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Cisco 78xx - Answering Calls


To show the different ways you can answer a call on your 78xx series phones


Answer a Call

When your phone rings, press the flashing line button to answer the call.
Answer Call Waiting

When you're on an active call, you know that a call is waiting when you hear a single beep and see the line button flash.

The Cisco IP Phone 7811 doesn't support call waiting.

Step 1   Press the line button.
Step 2   (Optional)If you have more than one call waiting, select an incoming call.


Decline a Call

You can send an active or ringing call to your voicemail system or a preset phone number.
Decline a call by performing one of the following actions:
  • If you have multiple incoming calls, highlight the incoming call and press Decline.

Turn On Do Not Disturb


Use do not disturb (DND) to silence your phone and ignore incoming call notifications when you need to avoid distractions.

When you turn on DND, your incoming calls are forwarded to another number, such as your voicemail, if it is set up.

When you turn on DND, it affects all lines on your phone. However, you will always receive intercom and emergency calls, even when DND is turned on.

If multilevel precedence and preemption (MLPP) is set up for your phone, priority calls will ring your phone with a special ringtone, even when DND is turned on.

Step 1   Press Do not disturb to turn on DND.
Step 2   Press Do not disturb again to turn off DND.


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