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Cisco 78XX - Place A Call


The purpose of this article is to walk users through different ways to place calls with their Cisco 78XX series phone. 


Make Calls

Your Cisco IP Phone works just like a regular phone. But we make it easier for you to make calls.

Make a Call with the Speakerphone

Use your speakerphone for hands-free calling. Keep in mind that your coworkers might be able to hear your call too.

Step 1   Enter a number using the keypad.
Step 2   Press Speakerphone .
Make a Call with a Headset

Use your headset for hands-free calling that won't disturb your coworker and gives you some privacy.

Step 1   Plug in a headset.
Step 2   Enter a number using the keypad.
Step 3   Press Headset .
Redial a Number

You can call the most recently dialed phone number.

Step 1   (Optional)Select a line.
Step 2   Press Redial.


Make a Call with a Speed-Dial Button

You can see all the speed-dial numbers that you add in the Self Care portal. Use the up and down buttons in the navigation cluster to scroll through your speed-dial numbers, then select a speed-dial number.

Before You Begin

Set up speed-dial codes in CallTower Connect.

Step 1   Select the Speed Dials in the applications.
Step 2   Select the Speed Dial number to call.